What is Jiffy Lube Radiator Flush Cost?

jiffy lube radiator flush cost

JiffyLube radiator flush cost

Have you ever felt discomfort while riding on the outlanders of the highway with your vehicle hood up and the vehicle steaming? If you are one of those lucky guys who had their engines not started in winter season because the fluid in the engine was completely frozen.

No offense, seriously. That’s why to prevent such accidents Jiffy Lube presents a Radiator Flush to always keep your vehicle with antifreeze and necessary coolers.

The antifreeze will maintain fluids from freezing condition and the flush will provide containments’ total removing. That’s why this auto center has such a service as a radiator coolant flush replacement, exchanging, repairing. Read more on our website.

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Jiffy Lube radiator coolant service

If you feel like your engine is getting hotter each time you start it over. If you notice that temperature is raising a bit while driving. Then be sure that it is time to visit Jiffy Lube tech team.

When your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t functioning properly, the temperature of your engine can get hot enough to damage itself. That`s why you need us! An antifreeze/coolant flush allows to prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system corrosion. A coolant service inspection is started with the engine cooling system or radiator examining. After that, the previous antifreeze is kicking out off the radiator and exchanged with the new one.

Jiffy Lube radiator coolant flush cost

The radiator coolant flush costs only $99.99. Along with the full diagnosis and visual inspection, you get the brand new antifreeze exchanging totally for free.

Their professional team will explain you the actions that led to such a consequences and provide you with additional proposals you can benefit from. Radiator replacement in this case that costs $12.99 will be a small bonus if you’re repairing your van with Jiffy Lube.

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Jiffy Lube radiator coolant flush coupons

Have you heard that Jiffy Lube never leave its customers outside and always make them happy with a bonus program? We have our website where you can find all necessary coupons for you and apply them whenever you want. Lets calculate benefits you’re having while its service.

If you want to get the carburetor fixed the final may vary from $10 to $50. Everything depends on you. The auto center gives the option to find the best promotion at its shops and service centers or online. Just go and get the bonus!

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