Jiffy Lube Jupiter, FL Service Reviews

Reviews of Jiffy Lube Jupiter, FL Check Engine Light

Jack Gardner: If I were able to give these guys 0 stars I would for their awful customer service. I guess business must be doing very well since It seemed like the guy who worked there that sat at the far right corner desk seemed like he was way too busy with no other customer, paper work or too good to get up and greet us or asked if we needed help. We were looking around for at least 15 mins. I mean the guy didn’t even bother to look up from his computer. So stuck up. We were actually interested in buying a car at first but I guess he doesn’t like money or our business. I don’t know maybe staring at a computer and carrying on with his work is actually more important than paying attention to customers that want to buy cars. It’s ok we can always take it elsewhere where it would be appreciated, so we decided to buy the car from a private buyer instead. At least they like money =)

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Reviews of Jiffy Lube Jupiter, FL Car Heating & A/C

Herbert Patterson: I have experience break ins twice this year. Once in Fremont area, and this time in SF. I got my window fix by the associate shop of Jiffy Lube in Newark in SF. I am very happy with their quick, fast, and lowest price auto glass service in San Francisco. I will definitely use them again if i need to.

John Dickerson: They’re bright and capable.

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Jiffy Lube Jupiter, Florida Radiator & Engine Cooling Reviews

Laurence Wilson: Simon was so nice. He constantly kept in touch with me to get my job done. He even met me at the shop so I could pick up my car at 9pm. I highly recommend Jiffy Lube. Very efficient and quality service.

Peter May: Really tech-savvy guys.

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