Jiffy Lube Fort Myers, FL Service Reviews

Jiffy Lube Fort Myers, FL Oil Change Reviews

Dick Richmond: I could have purchased a mini as my next car, if the sales person wouldn’t have tried to tell me what I needed and mainly do what he told me “Test drive the car”. He wouldn’t let me test drive the car because I wasn’t going to buy now. “Come by next time when you are ready to buy” he said. I was so looking forward to test drive it and validate my “I need and want that car”. Now instead, I validated the “You do not need or want that car”. I going back to my first love, a Golf GTI. Sorry Mini San Francisco isn’t working for me. The kids and I were so in love with the concept of that car. Using the “build and price your mini” once or twice a week, building our next car and our dream cars. Thinking about the 5 to 7k difference between the car and the dream car, a jump that we could have made. Oh well it was not the car for us or was it but the sale guy wasn’t?

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Jiffy Lube Fort Myers, FL Tires & Tire Repair Reviews

Steven Andrews: If you want slow service: arrived 2 1/2 hours AFTER the time they said they would be there) No sympathy for your vehicle that was broken into and ransacked: “Too bad for you…Good for me” Then this is the place to call. Instillation was reasonable priced, but there are comparable ‘discount’ places.

Bon Jackson: I’ll get back to this place.

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Jiffy Lube Fort Myers, FL Mufflers & Exhaust Reviews

Anthony Clyde: Jiffy Lube saved my job facing bad credit they sold me nissan altima, nobody i mean nobody wanted to sell me with type of credit they also helping me to build my credit i want to thank them.

Judith O’Neal: I’m so grateful for the repair.

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