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Reviews of Jiffy Lube Decatur Georgia Brakes & Brakes Repair

Olivia Summers: This is the WORST Mini dealer I have ever seen! And I thought mini was GREAT! We got such great service in SLC!! I still love my Mini- also as soon as I left I called back (n bit the bullet) to once again try n schedule a oil change- and all service personnel were busy!! Bs- nobody was there and I drove back around the block n looked and he wasn’t on phone- and no guests were there- they just do not care! I DONT KNOW is about the best this shop can offer! FYI I drove 200+ miles just to go to Mini!! And I love SF as its been home most of my life-although I guess I have to take my Mini somewhere else.. Sadly Skip.

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Jiffy Lube Decatur, GA Oil Change Reviews

Thomas Anderson: You won’t find glass repair for an RV here. When I called, he said it’s not that he can’t work on RV’s. “I can do anything I want.” he said, it’s just too hard to find the glass for an RV. Hearing that after a vandal decided to spend his Friday night breaking three of the windows in my RV, actually brought tears to my eyes. I bet if you are looking for glass repair, something kinda scary happened to you, be it auto accident, vandalism, or theft. I’m sorry that happened to you, and good luck finding a place that can help you. Jiffy Lube was rather glib about telling me they couldn’t help me.

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Jiffy Lube Decatur, GA Check Engine Light Reviews

Tiffany Stevenson: Jiffy Lube boys are awesome! They took care of me without taking my checkbook. I would recommend them for any of your car issues. If they can’t fix it you can bet that they’ll help you get it done. Call ’em!

William Trump: I’m going to call them again.

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