Reviews of Jiffy Lube Chandler Arizona


Oil change reviews of Jiffy Lube Chandler Arizona

Diana Harrison: I’m so happy to have this awesome shop in my neighborhood. Well, every day I’m used to commuting up to 70 miles. Jiffy Lube Chandler Arizona keeps my Nissan in great shape and for a more affordable price than I actually paid to the dealership. Their service is shockingly fast, friendly and efficient.

Edward Stanford: These cool folks were extremely helpful. They came up with a brilliant plan on my 2002 Toyota to make affordable repairs first. Apparently, the previous shop repairs told me to shell out $3.000 with a prospect of ditching the vehicle. However, these guys coped the issue for just $700. I should be grateful to them forever.

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Pricing of Jiffy Lube Chandler Arizona reviews

Amanda Stone: The owner was magnificent. I actually didn’t find any sings of junk stuff here such as slow service, ripoffs and so on. They got me out of a terrible situation, replacing my radiator hoses. After a couple of test drives the car received another new life. Cheers!

Mike Wellington: The overall level of service is incredibly cool. First, I looked through their upbeat Yelp reviews and was quite impressed, to put it mildly. Then I let them fix my SUV and the outcome turned to be more than just good. I realized very few rivals could even take on them in terms of professionalism.

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Battery replacement Jiffy Lube Chandler Arizona reviews

Ronald Smith: I have no reasons to complain as everything was so perfect I couldn’t expect. Next time if there’s something wrong with my car I’ll opt for them anyway.

Jim Stanley: Good job! They absolutely met my expectations.

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