Jiffy Lube Alpharetta, GA Service Reviews

Jiffy Lube Alpharetta, GA Steering & Suspension Reviews

Alan Craig: Not a soul in the building besides us and Mini employees! I brought a shirt up to the counter and asked if I could purchase it- and the two guys sitting there said “um I don’t know” we have to call someone- as we only sell cars! Neither of them said another word to me and neither of them knew the number to call – as they fiddled with their cell phones! I walked over n put the shirt back on the rack and decided to go to Service to schedule a oil change! I got to service and asked how much an oil change was – he said 69$! I asked (since no cars in shop) when could I get that done- he said well everyone is on a break so maybe in a few hours?he could not say really when! I said okay- how about adding stripes to my mini or perhaps other items- he said I doubt and don’t know if we do that here! Aargh !

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Jiffy Lube Alpharetta, GA Fleet Services Reviews

Brian Mitchell: I was very impressed with their service. Andrew in the office was extremly polite and gave me a great price in a new windshield for my prius. He was also very accommodating. Chris the field technician was friendly, courteous and took the time to explain the windshield repair process to me. Our company has used S.f city glass for windsheild repairs and windshield replacements.

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Jiffy Lube Alpharetta, GA Brakes & Brakes Repair Reviews

Steve Diamond: Whatever you do, do not bring your car to these guys!!! they’ll waste your time and do an awful job doing it. they left glass in the door frame, the window won’t go all the down because of it and they left all of the glass on my front and rear seats. they are worthless and completely incompetent. for your sake, do not give them your money! please!

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