How Do I Know If My Car Is Under Warranty?

Actually, every normal person being in clear mind wants to have its car warranty. The new car warranty is a special agreement between a producer and a client. It highlights what you have to do to keep it in force, it also can be voided partially or completely.

Remember that if your vehicle was damaged in an environmental accident like fire, earthquake, or flood be sure that the manufacturer will not honor the warranty. If your car’s odometer has been disconnected, tampered with or replaced. In this case, the manufacturer doesn’t know for sure what is wrong. That’s in most cases is a background for avoided car warranty.

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Is my car still under warranty?

You may look at the factory warranty to see if it’s still active. But there are also three simple steps to know it for sure. The first thing you should do is to search the identification number.

This VIN belongs to the car and works like a social security number for people. Otherwise if you cannot get it — visit the local dealership.

They need VIN to see the information concerning what can be covered under warranty and what cannot.

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What is covered under powertrain warranty

New cars usually provide you with warranties, but unfortunately, they don’t cover absolutely every accident that can hypothetically happen. One of the long-term available warranties is the powertrain one.

A powertrain covers the car details that transferring power and make the car moves. Usually, it includes the engine, transmission and drives train. If these details are damaged or exhausted in a certain time period, the dealer will pay you to fix, exchange or replace the old components.

What voids car warranty

Like we have mentioned the environmental disasters do not count for a dealer. You know that not every circumstance will void your entire warranty. Sometimes, the reconstruction of specific details will not be covered, but you still retain the warranty on the remainder of the engine.

If your van has already been in tough accidents and has been. If you are a street racer or something like that you have to know that some dealers and manufacturers watch racing events. And sometimes they visit championships to record license plate numbers to reject warranty service for the time this person will ask for a service.

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