What Are The Best Sports Cars Under 30k?

best sports cars under 30k

Fastest sports car under 30k

Frankly speaking, it may not an easy task to find a racing vehicle for 30k, however, we can offer you something. The 2016 Ford Mustang MSPR is a correct choice, its average cost is $25,000, so you can afford a car and leave something for service. It has 310 hp and 320 lb of torque, 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine.

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Best used sports cars under 30k

Buying a used one, it must be always a responsible decision. If you want a cool, exotic, fun and what is more important fast auto, you should take into consideration its quality. The best sports car under 30k is 2015 Dodge Challenger, it is a highest rated luxury vehicle on the list with good performance and affordable value. Dodge Challenger has got a 3.6 liter V-6 with 268 lb and 305 hp. If you manage to get a second hand Dodge on sale be sure that you have got the most reliable and the hottest auto.

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Best 4 door sports car under 30k

Subaru WRX deserves to take the top place among the best 4 door sports autos. The cost varies, generally, it is $26,000, it depends on the engine and AWD transmission model. Subaru WRX can be customed, starting with body styles and up to the engine and other tuning components. With smart tuning and good turbocharge your WRX can reach 60 mph only in 4.5 sec.

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